Who I am

Howdy! I’m Jilie👋

An Industrial designer turned software engineer. I have a passion for both design and software development. I believe that excellent products come from the harmony between design, engineering, and a human-centered mindset. Currently, I’m a graduate student at UT Austin and am looking for 2023 full-time opportunities.

Tech I use

Programming Languages - JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Java, C, C#, HTML/CSS

Technologies - ReactJS/Redux, NextJS, JQuery, SCSS/LESS, Node, Express, EJS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Miscellaneous - Docker, Airflow, AWS, Linux/Unix, JUnit, Jest, Cypress

Creative tools - Adobe XD, Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Lottie, Apache ECharts, P5JS, ThreeJS


  • Mechanical Keyboard,
  • Table Tennis, Skateboard
  • Math Rock, Jazz Fusion, J-Rock


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