AR User Manual - UI/UX - AR

Duration 7 days

My Role Everything

Demo Video

Tech Stack

Development - C#, Unity3D, Vuforia

3D Modeling - Rhino3D

Design - Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


In this project, I chose the user manual as my design subject. First, I did a simple field study to find common problems people encounter when using user manuals. Based on these qualitative data, I listed some hypothetical design goals to help me build a general direction for my later user research.


User Research

To get a comprehensive understanding of manual users, I designed a survey and published it on a survey site. A total of 102 replies were collected, of which 100 were valid. Here are some key findings.

User Research


In this phase, I used the Insights, Quesitons, Ideas (IQI) method to help me generate design concepts

Insights, Questions, Ideas


A visual representation of this product




Usability Test

Usability Test


  • The geometric complexity of the product will affect Vuforia’s tracking performance. So for electronic products with minimal design style, it’s pretty hard for Vuforia to track them accurately

  • Users' external constraints like room lighting, space, and camera quality may cause a poor user experience. So, there are some technical issues to be solved

  • Vuforia’s 2D tracking performance is so much better than 3D?

  • During the usability test, users had a strong inclination to interact with virtual buttons, so enriching the virtual experience is very important for user experience

  • Force users to download an AR app to experience it may not be the best solution, gonna try Web AR next time and learn Three.js