Bridge - UI/UX

Duration - 2 months

My role - UI/UX Designer

My team - 5 UX Researchers

Demo Video

Tech Stack

Design - Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


In this project, we focused on elderly life. Since we are a team, we started by brainstorming and HMWs. Later, we all decided on an innovative problem, which is the senior immigrants' acculturation.


User Research

We conducted 6 offline interviews with seniors who happened to have international immigration or domestic migration experiences (It’s really hard to find people with this kind of experience who happens to be a senior). Based on our interviews, we used the user spectrum to categories their behavior patterns and lifestyles.

User Spectrum


We decided to use A’s lifestyles and behavior patterns and created a persona for type A users. Her name is Mary(美钰).


Empathy Mapping

To better empathize with Mary, we created an empathy map for her.

Empathy Mapping

Value Proposition Canvas

Value proposition canvas is a very good tool for teams to brainstorm ideas and at the same time keep everyone aligned with the user.

Value Proposition Canvas



Information Architecture

Information Architecture

UI Specs

Here comes my favorite part!

UI Spec


  • Use large font size in elderly products
  • Functionality must be simple and straight-forward
  • Keep interactive logic simple